I'm very fortunate to be an ambassator for Panasonic still and video cameras.  When I got my GH4 I decided I'd shoot some shots at Palm Beach Sydney and around my home and back verandah where all the shots in this clip were taken.  These are the sort of shots besides surfing and waves that we hold in our stock footage library.  We are happy to help you with your next commerical or project with high quality images and do our best to work within your budget.

I wanted to put some big wave action on our new site and didn't have time to make a new clip so I dove deep into the earlier cuts of ADSOB and pulled out a work in progress sequence of Shipsterns.  This is the cut I sent to the band for their approval of the song and was so stoked to get a big "YES... go of it... we all love it," from all of the FF.  Last time they toured here I asked Dave if he'd put "Free Me" on his set list.  He told me no way, "If I sing that song I can't order coffee in the morning".  We have a bunch more epic big wave action in our stock shop.


Our full range of stock imagery can be made available by contacting Jack.