Growing up in Hawaii, I saw my first surfing movie, Surfing Hollow Days by Bruce Brown and the entire experience left a strong impression on me that I've I've spent my life's work, more like play, sharing what I capture in still photos and film/video just like I learned with humility and respect from Bruce and the early pioneers of the genre.  In 1975 I made my 1st surfing film with then partner Dick Hoole titled TUBULAR SWELLS. I've had the privilege to work on over 25 short and feature films on surfing.

Our latest production A Deeper Shade Of Blue is a film about Hawaiian Surf Culture, the Evolution of the Surfboard and The Spirit of Aloha. 

"Stunningly beautiful to watch, very funny in places, totally entertaining but most importantly tells a deeper history of what surfing is and the magic place where it was born".

Stacy Peralta, Director Dog Town/Z Boys, Riding Giants, Made in America, Bones Brigade 

A Deeper Shade of Blue - Trailer